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Determination of the mass of goods or structures, especially large, non-functional goods or structures that are generally impossible Therefore, special tools are required to obtain accurate values and determine the center of gravity.

Jacking & Skidding

Due to space limitations, a crane is not always an option on your site. In such cases, even the largest objects can be handled by jacking them up and skidding them into place along rails. We operate a multi-functional synchronous hydraulic heavy lift jacking system capable of monitoring the position of the load between the […]


Install the machine equipment including various structures to increase efficiency and meet the needsuch as install a wind turbine , power transformer ,other structures.

Factory Relocation


  machinen instrument transfer , lift or move and equipment including the variousstructuresof the factory todevelop,improve or increase the capability of the factory.(Demolition, factory renovation)

Load Test

Test the capabilities of the equipment set as designed before putting it into practice.

Heavy Lifting

Installation , lifting, loading of goods, machinery, equipment or structures with large dimensions and heavy loads.

Load out

Transport ,machine or large structure from land to vessel for export or relocation.


Marine transport, machine structures and instrument.


In land transport , machine structure and equipment.