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Mining it is an industry that deals with the exploration and removal of mineral resources from the face of the earth. For various uses it


The steel industry is an important industry for the development of the country’s economy Steel is essential to the production of downstream industries that play


Infrastructure could be project that build by private sector or public sector , usually they focusing on public benefits such as transportation , port ,

Power Generation

Electricity generation is the process of generating electric power from sources of primary energy. For utilities in the electric power industry, it is the stage


Petrochemical Today, petrochemical industry is connected to many other industries. There is strong competition both in the country and internationally. Thailand has developed petrochemical industry

Oil & Gas

 Oil is one of the most important raw materials we have. Everyday we use hundreds of things that are made from oil or gas. Oil has


The cement industry is one of the most important basic industries of the country. Because cement is Important raw materials used in construction. Which is

wind project

Wind Project

A wind turbine is a machine that receives and converts kinetic energy from the motion of the wind into mechanical energy. And use mechanical energy

Hydro Power Plant

Water power is power that is derived from the mass of moving water,which can be harnessed for the useful purposes. When the people know and

Port Terminal

The port provides services for loading and unloading goods. The jetty must have a physical and basic infrastructure including depth Channel width Length , front

Automotive & machine

“Automotive industry” is an industry sector that is extremely important to the economy of Thailand is an entry-level industry that It is important to national

MDF Plant _Particle Board Plant

MDF Plant / Particle Board Plant

The wood industry is important to the country’s economy. Because it is an industry that relies on the use of domestic raw materials which focuses

Offshore & Module yard

Offshore construction is the installation of structures and facilities in a marine environment, usually for the production and transmission of electricity, oil, gas and other

Offshore & Shipyard

Shipbuilding and ship repair industry It is an important economic base industry and is linked to the water transportation and maritime business. As well as